The Myths and Truth About ADHD

The Myths and Truth About ADHD

What is ADHD?

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Children, teenagers, and even adults are affected by it. ADHD is a mental disorder that is diagnosed. It is the most common children’s mental disorder that is diagnosed.

Children with ADHD

Kids with ADHD tend to be hyperactive and they cannot control their impulses so they cannot pay attention very well especially in school. The behavior caused by ADHD is not limited to affecting the school life of children, but their home life as well with their family and friends. The disorder can be more commonly found in boys than in girls, but girls can have it too.

ADHD is often diagnosed when the child is just beginning school and is having problems paying attention in school. Usually, teachers can spot whether a child has ADHD and they talk to the parents about it. Other times parents can detect that their child may have ADHD and they then seek psychiatric help.

Adults with ADHD

ADHD is also present with adults. When ADHD manifests the adult may have trouble organizing, goal setting, time managing, and even keeping a job. Adults who have ADHD may see their relationships deteriorate, they may have addictions and self-esteem issues.

Myths About ADHD

There are many myths about ADHD. I will be outlining two. They are ADHD is not a real mental disorder, which is the most commonly held thought by the general public who are unaware of this medical condition. The other common misconception I will be talking to you about is that supposedly ADHD is caused by bad parenting. This is also not true.

ADHD is Not a Real Mental Disorder

ADHD is a real mental disorder that is recognized by The National Institute of Health, the American Psychiatric Association, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Different types of research have focused on ADHD and have found that ADHD is a real condition that can affect families and even ruin it. ADHD can have a big impact on children, teens, and adults and their way of life.

ADHD is Caused by Bad Parenting

Sometimes when a child shows symptoms of ADHD, people may think it is due to bad parenting. This is not the case, but people outside of the immediate family may see the child’s actions caused by ADHD as a result of lack of instilling discipline into the child by the parents. People may see that the fidgeting actions and bad comments are due to a mental condition.

ADHD is a disease that can be crippling so make sure to spot it early. If your child or teen or even adult children and spouses are starting to show signs of ADHD make sure to seek professional help. It can help you in the long run and you will be glad the condition is treated.